Holographic Presentations

When it comes to checking the physical product, there is nothing like seeing the real thing. This possesses a problem for the product developers, who begin with just a concept that usually requires the support of backers and believers to turn it into reality. Pixarch welcomes you to the world of its “Holographic Presentations”, which is designed primarily for architects, builders, real estate, and construction companies.


Holographic Presentations is the next generation technology! It creates a view what we would have seen, if present at the original scene. We can even see the holograms from different 360 Degree angles just like you would see if you were looking at a real object. It can also be used for the purposes of promotional effects of companies by creating sci-fi animations for projects and also visuals for trade show booths to create an effective and integral part of your presentation!


Posted on March 22, 2016, Published by pixarch