When the essence of creativity, innovation and invention is weaved together, from the outcomes rises an awe-inducing radiance that is unfathomable. Presenting to you now the heart and soul of Wah Cantt- Mall Of Wah. Mall Of Wah finds itself situated impeccably in a locale that is not only one of the fastest growing areas but also a site vital to its route. The grandeur of Mall Of Wah is represented in its location, taking its form on one of Asia’s oldest and longest major roads, The G.T Road.

An overall extensive project for us. We at Pixarch provided the required outcomes to the management of Mall Of Wah in the most timely fashion. The experienced professional at Pixarch initially worked on the animation and brochure design. The resulting material of which completely wooed the Mall Of Wah project builders as Pixarch was chosen to create all the marketing and showcasing collaterals for the project. Pixarch made Animations, TVC, 3D Images, 2D Floor Plan, designed brochures and even developed the website for this new architecture from scratch. We take utter pride in the work done by us for Mall of Wah