With the recent changes and advancements in technology, even the aspects of architectural design have digitalized. Now people can interact with real-world objects in the form of digital information and that has been solely possible with the advent of virtual reality. The introduction of virtual reality has made the entirety of architectural design more exciting and visually appealing than before. A few decades ago, the thought of interacting with virtual reality for enterprise-level solutions was unheard off but now with the emergence of such a highly proficient technology, businesses of every scale and type need virtual reality to stand out from the rest.

At Pixarch, our prime goal is to provide unprecedented virtual reality services in not only Pakistan but on a global scale as well. Virtual reality has started to rapidly gain popularity for branding content purposes but we set out to be entirely different as we are the sole pioneers in Pakistan who have introduced virtual reality in architectural design and our vision, mission, and main values revolve around to extend exceptional virtual reality solutions to clients all across the globe.”

Virtual Reality Production Services by Pixarch

Virtual Reality is the new digital innovation that had been yearned for by creators of multimedia for a very long time. The ability to provide audiences of all sorts an experience that was nothing short of real and based on reality was an aspect that was once only a dream. Now however Pixarch is proud to provide you the ultimate tool in marketing for architectures, Virtual Reality services. Making your concepts and ideas into a visual reality for your prospective clients. Now that the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms now supporting 360-degree videos, new territories are waiting to be explored by brands, agencies, and publishers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality push the boundaries further. Devices like Oculus and Samsung VR allow users to have fully immersive virtual reality experiences. Through modern smartphone apps, augmented reality can bring the real and digital worlds together in one seamless experience. Use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to transcend the boundaries of traditional video content and continue to push the boundaries of content marketing. With Virtual Reality we place our viewer directly into a 360° 3D environment, where sound and seemingly real physical interaction coincide. Not only can the viewer imagine or watch what it is like to look at your structure you will create but he/she is also available to see and sense what it will be like to live in it.

Pixarch’s creative digital production team has joined in the ranks of top Virtual Reality services for architecture providing teams across the world. We now give you the ability to totally immerse your viewers into worlds they never imagined they could experience. By providing you with the ability to give your audiences one of the most immersive and detailed experienced in their lives, we are now leaders of professional virtual reality services.

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