We at Pixarch ensure that working with us provides you the same endorphins as when your dreams come true. Another one of the services that we are proud of is “Live Presenter”. This is done by using a green screen. It works like this:

  • We take the human interactions that you want to be shown in your visualization and present them stand facing the camera with nothing but a green wall behind.
  • Next, in post-production, our skilled artists make sure the green is turned transparent revealing any video playing in the layer below.
  • Different sections of the green wall are made visible to the camera, as people move in front of the screen. Astonishingly the most visually spectacular variety of green screenshot is used with a virtual set in the background layer, and we at Pixarch know how to do this at the very best with minimum effort.
  • Our use of large screens and auditoriums allow us to create endless green screens and those that can fit into any virtual world that you might be looking to create.


A virtual set takes the green screen effect to a new level of realism by providing different backgrounds for different points of view. Only a single stationary camera can be used in an ordinary green screen. This is so because if the camera moves its view of the background should change accordingly and in turn maintaining the proper perspective.

We at Pixarch have mastered the art of combining real-time footage with CGI, and thus with us, you are open to taking shots from any perspective you deem necessary. Whatever “green” challenge comes our way, we ensure you that we will be providing you with a combination that is surreal and seamless in its nature.

As seen from various camera angles and/or distances, a virtual set provides several different versions of the background layer. There are clear differences between amateur and professional chroma key productions services. The new advanced desktop video editing software frequently includes chroma key capability, which is what we at Pixarch use for a powerful technique for compositing two videos, which provides the perfect aspect of illusion.

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