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“Augmented Reality has completely changed the traditional methods and techniques of visualization as it allows people to connect with their surroundings in an entirely advanced manner. It started off as something that is highly elusive but with time it grew to be one of the biggest innovatory communication interfaces between humans and machines alike. However, the use of Augmented Reality has been introduced in enterprise solutions as well and the one industry that has benefited the most from it is the industry of architectural design.

We, at Pixarch, are the sole pioneers to inaugurate and set the foundation of augment reality and its elements in architectural design. Our core mission is to provide our clients with top-notch augmented reality services that bring their project ideas into existence and make them stand out from the crowd, which in turn leads them to create a memorable image for their company. We possess the ability to enhance real world experiences in the form of a compelling architectural visualization that encompasses the entirety of your project and with our vision to provide cutting edge AR services in Pakistan, we have succeeded in extending our services on a global spectrum as well.

With Pixarch you will never fall behind from the competition as with our sophisticated AR solutions, we utilize our utmost expertise and tools in turning your projects into a riveting experience for not only the viewer but your company as well. Our services encompass all aspects of architectural design. From exterior to interior designing, we have it all covered at Pixarch. If you want to get more audience retention then all you need is to have an enchanting experience of augmented reality that will take the visual design of your project to an entirely new level.”

AR Solutions Pixarch

“Living in the digital age, there is nothing that is yet to be digitalized. Architectural firms relied on displaying visuals in the form of handmade or printed blueprints but with the emergence of augmented reality traditional visualization methods have been completely set aside. Augmented reality has the power to allow users to engage with real-world aspects and spaces in the form of digital information. The main advantage to using augmented reality is that it aids the viewer in getting a better idea of experiencing with objects that are tangible in the real world or are yet unknown and vague to them just like architectural design.

Pixarch stands as the only pioneer of introducing AR solutions in Pakistan. With a reliable and credible standing in the industry of architectural design, our team of highly skilled individuals never fail to put forward exceptional augmented reality solutions for firms and companies of all sorts. In order to grab the attention of your potential customers and enhance more footfall towards your project, having augmented reality visualizations is the best choice. Whether it is the interior design or any other related accessory for your project, with our 3D augmented reality services your clients can easily visualize the design of their future dream office, home or even a private apartment. Allowing your customers to engage with your project as if they were in the real world, you can also improve your association and marketing to generate leads that are even more authentic.

The sole advantage to augmented reality is not to drive more people towards you instead it helps you in the long run as well. Our top-notch and cutting-edge augmented reality technology provides assurance in driving prospective buyers towards your platform as the AR solutions at Pixarch are so exceptionally done. 3D visuals that provoke the user to live in their dream place not only eliminate the fear of the unknown but also give them an amazing real-world experience that cannot be given in the form of a traditionally made blueprint of your architectural design.”

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