Pixarch began its journey as a hobby in February 2005, and gradually formulated into a business unit in September 2005. During this journey Pixarch enjoyed its work and created sense of motivation and improved standards for its clients by providing them superior state of the art quality work. The inception to the turning point of a business unit was the result of firm devotion to its mission statement and beliefs. The world of Pixarch revolves around its clients, and we believe in building strong and long lasting relationships with them. Today we are the leading Architectural Visualization firm based in Karachi with branch offices in Riyadh and London.

Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture in our company because we believe that fuels innovation and creates a sense of solidarity between our employees to create the perfect ethnic culture we require for our clients. We create value for our clients by helping them to create value for their customers.

Our Approach

We at Pixarch before inception spread out to search for the best, not just in terms of what we do but how we do it. We have in our arsenal the best of tools and are constantly in search for upgrades.

This is done so to provide our clients, on whose satisfaction we base our complete work ethic upon, the best possible outcomes to cater their needs as well as doing it in the quickest way possible.


Why Pixarch?


  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Responsibility & Reliability
  • Commitment & Passion for Excellence


Our motto is our best definition: “Delivering the highest quality of work on-time and within budget”. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, quality and cost containment in our industry.