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The best 3D floor-plans and design rendering services help create and develop visual information as well as change the virtual reality into a real one. The data in regards to the architectural planning of a structure from virtual, horizontal or any perspective can be comprehended easily with the assistance of a 3D floor-planning rendering.

We give the best Architectural 3D House Design Services in that it has helped a large group of clients for their walls, doors, windows and overall spaces of their projects both from inside and outside. 3D Floor planning allows you to comprehend the arrangement and usefulness of every single detail and every single crevice so you ensure that no resource is being left out or wasted.

We at Pixarch utilize the most recent CGI programming that in turn allows you to give the best 3D Floor Plan Services. We ensure to have the most experienced and talented programming experts who comprehend the genuine elements of virtualization of a virtual space. They ensure to find the best path to create the perfect interpretation of what that virtual space will be when executed into a real structure. We take cautious notes about customer needs and work to fulfill all of them. No matter the task being referred to is a major or small, we never trade off on quality. Our 3D house design services give our customers the most competitive prices. It gives a real feel to the property or home. We style and design it in such a way that you are able to use these in many different ways, which may be for printing or internet.

3D House Plan

“When buying or investing in a new property Floor Plans are considered to be the first step to analyze the property. It is essential when Building and Designing a home to have a solid Floor Plan. A decent Floor Plan can build the value of the house by making a pleasant view of the spaces and furthermore increment its property estimation.
A Floor Plan is essentially a drawing that is scaled to demonstrate a view from above of the spaces, connections and other physical highlights between rooms at one level of a building. Floor plans are useful to help design furniture layout, spacing between rooms and much more.

With Pixarch you can avail our 3D Floor Plan Services to plan your interiors and exteriors. Floor Plans are the ideal method to convey your development to customers and buyers; Floor Plans, 3D Photos, 360 Views – all accessible now for you at Pixarch. We at Pixarch have helped clients to effectively picture and conceptualize their concepts in their entirety, creating a method where you can convey your design with ease to anyone and everyone. We believe that fast turnarounds when it comes to creating 3D floor plan renderings of your house designs is one of our fortes. Interior spaces and in some cases exterior spaces as well are both visualized in the perfect manner in 3D floor plans. With Pixarch’s Floor Plan services, you benefit of having a Floor Plan tailor made for your project and with those exact specifications that you provide us we are able to produce high quality outputs within the designated time for you. By providing a detailed 3D Floor Plan and a detailed visualization of how the property looks, Pixarch helps interiors designers, real estate dealers and architects of no matter, residential or commercial projects, to market their properties themselves with great enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for?”

3D Floor Plans - Renderings & Visualizations

“A great marketer of real-estate knows that for a better understanding of a projects and for realistically providing information to homebuyer Floor Plan renderings are a must. For the longest time, we expect buyers to read architectural construction drawings and visualize materials on that plan however we realized that on with a 2D or 3D Floor plan, we are able to create designs that are highly tailored and created to perfection for the end user so that they can fully understand the depth and details of the plan.
Our 3D Floor Planning services in terms of visualization and rendering use the most cutting edge technologies and equipment that generate advance CGI to help real-estate builders and developers. We at Pixarch are adept at Simulated, CGI, Renderings, Animation and Architectural 3D Visualizations that create photorealistic visuals and live demos to realize and project your vision from the conceptual stage itself.

At Pixarch we produce to types of Floor Plans, they are known as 2D and 3D Floor Plans. The first, 2D rendered plan consists mainly of taking an AutoCAD drawings or PDF and adding in 2D textured images below the line work cleaning up the floor plans. We add texts where it is appropriate for making the reader understand what he/she is looking at, sometimes writing dimensions as well, and we also send you a digital version in your preferred format so that you can use it in your real-estate digital marketing. Next is the highly favorable 3D Floor Plan Renderings, showing more, vastly greater in depth as well as detail, 3D Floor Plans are not needed for every project but for projects that are of high value and need to showcase every nook and cranny of their exemplary luxury it is an absolute must. Almost in every region of the world real-estate marketing of projects and various other development plans are done through either 2D or 3D Floor Planning and we at Pixarch are proud to provide you both.”

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