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An essential part of visual effects in architectural visualization is the use of Digital Compositing. The use of Digital Compositing is seen in our everyday life; in movies, TV shows and various other forms of media. Now, even a non-effects form of media uses visual effects. In the same way, Digital Compositing is now being used in Architectural Visualization to create worlds that are more realistic than ever.

It might be a residential building or a commercial, there is always a need that something is needed to be added or removed from the visualization that changes the whole aspect of how something is. In essence, Digital Composition is basically adding elements to a visualization that are not there, or removing something that you don’t want to be there.

The things that are added to the visualization can come from practically any source today. We might be adding more trees to the environment, more furniture in an interior video or even moving cars and people to make the visualization extremely realistic. All these added elements are done through digital compositing. This adds quality to the picture that makes it easier for the viewer and holds them in complete awe and shock.

We at Pixarch ensure that we have our input to the max when it comes to your project and so our experienced compositor may add some elements himself, that might even be created by the compositor himself. The Compositors at Pixarch make it their duty that every project handed to them comes out in the perfect form. There are also a variety of technical challenges that have to be met along the way. Pixarch’s Digital compositing services are both technical and design experts.

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