Built on the foundations of architectural expertise, Pixarch is the leading architectural 3D rendering and marketing company of the country. As unashamed enthusiasts for good architecture and design, our team is made up of individuals who specialize in computer aided design, state-of-the-art graphics, top-notch modelling software and digital presentations.

We are now proudly presenting a stunning 3D walk through animation of the gigantic project, Parsa Citi Club. Using our extensive expertise in the architectural visualization field, we have produced flawless 3D Exteriors and Interiors, resulting in amazing 3D animation for the project.

Right from the beginning, the animation is so precise that after viewing it you will be able to find your way around the actual building! The impact of the animation is powerful enough for the viewer to feel that he/she is interacting with the environment physically. This was achieved by spending hours, days and months, working on every minute detail.

We have achieved perfection by zooming in to show crucial details, showing step-by-step creation process from the blueprint to the project, 360-degree fly-around to capitalize on the expanse of the building, filling up the interior with decor to give it a “lived-in” look, adding a moving 3D model of helicopter and placing ambience in certain environments to demonstrate how it fits.

We are introducing the vertical work of art, not only by producing an impeccable 3D architectural animation, we are also taking care of its 360-degree marketing campaign too, which includes designing the perfect logo, a beautiful booklet, a detailed brochure and 2D floorplans.
So, sit back relax and enjoy the spectacular 3D architectural animation of Parsa Citi Club.