Piccadilly Courtyard, where Islamic Architecture infuses blissfully with a modern structure constructing a marvelous masterpiece of elegance unmatched. Visualized from a mix of real-time videos of the vicinity neatly combined with our own 3D renders, the project literally comes to life in our classy walkthrough. With detailing that literally reaches magical realism where the whole project stands as an example of perfection. From bouncing the light off shiny surfaces to ensuring the right turbulence in the entrance fountain, the whole building gleams with excellence showcasing the expertise of our team.

Pixarch has in essence truly captured the vision that a person will experience as soon as he steps foot in Piccadilly Courtyard and more. Elegance exudes from aerial shots and excellence amplifies as the night ventures and Piccadilly Courtyard illuminates the vicinity as a beacon of light. Watch the preview below and be mesmerized from what Pixarch easily illustrates, demonstrates, and shows.