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The field of architecture has seen massive growth since a couple of decades. In the mid 1970s, computer-aided-design (CAD) programmes gained popularity. In the initial phase, the CAD software only gave design firms a digital space to work with. Designers could make slight changes to the original design without having to redesign the whole model. Gradually, with the advancement in technology, the entire architectural model could be created using 3D rendering services.

Using these services, three-dimensional models of buildings that are yet to be created physically, can be easily viewed from any angle. Now, real estate companies hire design firms that can create these 3D models so that customers and clients can see the project design and make amendments during the design phase even before the building is constructed. This shows that architecture visualisation is the future. There are many advantages and benefits of using 3D visualization. In this blog, we will discuss some of the amazing uses of 3D modeling.

Advantages of 3D Rendering Service

Hiring a design company that can show a 3D animation of the building is the future. Real estate companies are now resorting to such services where the architecture and the building is projected through a life-like model. The client can view how the building would look like. Here are some known benefits of using a 3D architectural visualization service.

Increases Sales

Customers would be more interested in your project when they see how the project will shape up. It would amount to an increase in sales. The more interested the customer is in your project, the more likely it would be that they would plan to buy the property. 3D visualizations help see what has not been created. Thus creating an image of something that is not existing at present.

Creates a Life-Like Model

Using 3D architectural visualization techniques, the building’s life-like model can be created. The client can walk through the building and experience how it would seem to live in it. From the grand lobby, spacious bedrooms to showcasing the outer facade of the building everything can be viewed through 3D animations.

Builds Content that Lasts Long

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using 3D architectural visualization services, it develops long-lasting content. The content you write can become outdated or non-interesting after a while, but 3D animations and content that is uploaded on YouTube and other platforms has a long life and can be viewed anytime you want. Your real estate virtual tour is accessible anytime you want.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

In the real estate business, you need a competitive edge over others. Through 3D animations, and architectural visualizations, you can present your business to the customers in the most creative manner. While other companies use traditional media and platforms to promote their project, your business will definitely stand out using our 3D architectural visualization services.

Helps in the Redesigning Phase

If you create a physical model using cardboard paper, then it is almost impossible to make changes to the model. You can’t redesign the building and start all over again. For any building, the redesigning takes time. But using 2D & 3D floor plans and developing your layout on the computer, you can redesign the building as many times as you wish.

nesaj town house 3d floor plan | Pixarch

Minimizes Mistakes in Construction

You can make changes to the original design during the design phase in 3D animations. This helps reduce mistakes in construction. If there is anything amiss during the design phase, then you can correct it in 3D animations. This can minimize the number of mistakes in the constructed building.

Better than a Drawing

Drawing a sketch is imperfect. Using 3D animation services, you can present your project in the most creative manner, hooking clients and luring them to buy your property. This is a perfect way of showcasing and exhibiting all the main features of your project. It is quite different from the usual drawing you make and therefore it is more detailed and presents the building’s features properly.

We hope this blog on 3D architectural visualization will help you understand its importance. So, what are you thinking about? The next time your project needs a kickstart, hire our marketing services and see a marked difference!

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