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When the client comes to us and asks us to develop an animation, we first start with the basics and develop a conceptual layout first. The purpose of 3D architectural visualization is to understand the available space of the building and discuss how it is planned out and laid. It involves quite many steps and details before the final visual is created. For your convenience, we have penned down the step by step process of 3D architectural visualization that we provide to our clients in detail to help you understand the process more clearly.

Collecting Information

It is important to gather resources and references before starting the process. During this step of 3D architectural visualization, one has to gather resources like sketches, autoCAD files, basic elevation designs, photographs and PDF files related to the project. It is also important to find out all the details such as the main theme about your client’s requirements to avoid any misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the project. When you know what the client wants from the visualization, you will be able to create a better visual.

Presenting the Space

This is the second step of 3D architectural visualization in which the space and size of the building is measured. It helps analyze how the final building will look like. It also helps in finding the best camera angles and how the space can be highlighted to the client in the best possible way. In this step we make sure to correctly represent the given space of the architectural building.

Deciding Different Camera Angles

We find out the best possible angles to showcase your project. The third step involves capturing the entire space in as many angles as required. You can plan in this stage how the building can be showcased through different angles and how many camera angles would be needed. At this stage following things are determined and decided with the client:

  • Determining the number of cameras based on the sequence of the animation
  • Create and set up cameras
  • Highlight camera animation paths
  • Set the timeline and duration for each shot per camera
architectural 3d view | Pixarch

Using Texture

This is one of the key elements in the process of 3D architectural visualization. Here you have to texture the environment and 3D models. Texture and lighting are the two most important things in making a visual come to life. Colours are added while doing 3D texturing. Similarly, the surface’s shine is determined during this step. We also highlight if any object is rough. This helps create the desired effect. Every bit of detail is taken care of.

Lighting Is The Key

Lighting is perhaps the most important element in 3D architectural rendering. It has to be of the appropriate amount and at the right place. Whether it is ambient lighting, area light, directional, spot light or volume lighting depends on the effect you want to create in your project. We discuss all these points with the client before finalizing the render. Our team suggests the best lighting for the building so that the end product is exactly how you thought of it. Background music is also added to create the desired effect.

Proposed Final Render

Architectural rendering is incomplete without taking the client’s feedback. At this stage, we show the client what the render looks like. We note down all the changes and give our suggestions as well so that the end result has no mistakes. Once the feedback is collected, we then make relevant changes to the animation.

Make Appropriate Changes

Any changes in the architectural visualization are made at this stage. We ensure the client is satisfied with the final look. Incorporating minutest changes so that the final animation is as perfect as the project will be once made.

So, this is how the best 3D architecture visualization company works. We take great pains in creating amazing visuals that make your project come to life. Our team leaves no stone unturned in highlighting all the features in your project and making it as close to reality as possible.

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If you have any requirements for 3D design & 3D rendering service, look forward to get your 3D house design or 3d home designing done, or any other CGI animation, our team of architectural visualizers, 3D max experts & animators are there to guide you 24/7.

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