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The world of Real Estate and its marketing has seen many changes over the years. However, no change has ever been this definitive and exemplary. With the advent of the Internet and the widespread use of digital information and digital medium, the rules of marketing have changed and taken a turn for the better. This, however, has increased the competition between real-estate companies and agencies. Now, developers are trying to attain the limelight by creating the most unique marketing assets for their projects and developments.

Architectural Visualization is the new go-to solution that every real-estate firm is using in order to stand out and this is where we come in. Because at Pixarch, no matter the type of project, residential or commercial, our job is to ensure that you are able to use the power of architectural visualization at its best and capture the limelight. 3D Visualizations created by us allow you to be easily differentiated as it is vastly different from 2D, which is the usual way a project is presented to prospective buyers and clients. Using architectural visualization, you as a real-estate firm have a large ground to play with how you want to show and portray your project and that too even before it is actually constructed.

No matter the stature of your project the digitized 3D visualizations are created quickly and in the best way possible. They are cost effective not only in terms of money but also save time. These visualizations are also not ‘one-time’, meaning that you are able to get them edited as you please and make changes if required in your actual project. You as a developer will certainly be able to accommodate each progression of your work with 3D illustrations. Furthermore, every time your client questions you or requires a visual representation of the changes or of what will be the final output, you will always have a dependable reference.

We at Pixarch offer 3D visualization of any and all types of architecture and development projects, inside and out. Our 3D Architectural Visualization and Marketing team has been around for a while, and has worked on numerous projects making them market efficient and potent in their work. We as a team of creatives and marketers have helped a ton of local organizations and multinationals in captivating the 3D animated content and product marketing videos, which have resulted in them winning their clients over.

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If you have any requirements for 3D design & 3D rendering service, look forward to get your 3D house design or 3d home designing done, or any other CGI animation, our team of architectural visualizers, 3D max experts & animators are there to guide you 24/7.

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