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The creation of high quality views for an architectural project might have become redundant for you but these views happen to be quite extensive than what most people and companies think. These views are meant for marketing; so get a brief outlook on what these views are.

3D rendering has become a core part of the architectural and real estate industry. If it were not for realistic 3D views and visuals, architects would not have been able to portray their work into alluring buildings and structures to the relevant market. Now designers, architects and 3D artists have joined hands to work on quality 3D exterior design services and assured realistic views of the work they render. One can rely on numerous software programs and tools for the creation of 3D visuals but if you have the knack and flair for understanding different views of architectural rendering, you can easily form your design concept and plan in a photorealistic visualization.

architectural 3d view | Pixarch
Aerial View

3D aerial view rendering has become popular in the spectrum of architectural visualization. Using this tool for rendering 3D views, architects and designers alike have made alluring architectural banners, visuals and advertisements. If the sole aim is on creating an immersive marketing content for your project, aerial views can help you visualize your project better.

3d exterior design | Pixarch
Front Facade View

While 3D exterior design services of different types, the front façade view for homes, offices and apartment buildings aids you in making realistic and appealing architectural visuals. With your chosen 3D rendering technique, you can showcase the front, the back and an up close view of the façade. As for the houses, in particular, this view lets you visualize the intricate finishes of the exterior design.

architectural 3d view | Pixarch
Rooftop View

If your goal is to boost the sales of your new architectural project then out of the existing 3D exterior design services, rooftop views are the utmost choice for it. Whether it is the initial or the final stage of construction, rooftop architectural rendering can capture client attention with ease. If the exterior view of the entire house or building is appealing to the client, he would not think twice to make an association with the company solely from the 3D visualization of rooftop view.

architectural 3d view | Pixarch
Human Eye Level

It is essential to know what good eye level height for architectural visualization is. You can select the rendering type of your choice, but be sure to choose the right height for it, since the human eye level for 3D views is meant to look natural and realistic to the client. For that reason, 3D artists and architects tend to attach grids to the camera and then it is used for the formation of photorealistic 3D visuals.

architectural 3d view | Pixarch

The aforementioned views can add appeal to the visuals but if you want to compose your 3D visuals in a viewpoint, then your perspective alone can be formulated into visualization for your project. However, since human perspective varies to an extent, it is essential to look into the details and intricacies of 3D rendering perspectives and then align the visualization accordingly.

architectural 3d view | Pixarch
Creative Camera Angles

The approaches in architectural design and visualization are aplenty but it is always a great idea to incorporate creativity into the design concept. If you are looking to be more creative then a photographic view for designing then the visualization process calls for composition, modeling, shading and the right selection of color balance. You can make changes and tweaks once you are done with the rendering. Creative camera angles are all about design techniques and composition that simply sticks out.

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