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Augmented as defined is an increase in value or size. In other words, it is a heightened version of the real world. This is the most sought after technology in the major industries today especially where the sale of the products is directly proportional to the consumers liking. Then to present the product in an enhanced way leads to the desired result.

Amplify the Appeal

Augmented Reality is an interactive way of portraying the real world ? in the computer-generated perceptive parameters across multi-sensory modalities. Through the enrichment of sensory triggers, it alters the real-world perceptions not replaces it like virtual reality. It is portrayed as an immersive effect more than anything else. It is also referred to as mixed reality and computer-mediated reality.

It is based on the fundamental rationale of the digitally enhanced components melting into the perception of reality not through data but the stimulation of senses which perceive these as the naturalistic environment.

The commercial inception of augmented reality was in the entertainment and gaming dimensions. Now, this has penetrated education, hospitality and even real estate who are using it to their ultimate advantage.

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AR Adds the Real in the Real Estate

Augmented reality apps and tools have benefited the real estate sector immensely. With just a click of a button, 360-degree angles of spaces are visualized. Different sides are seen and compared with other commercial as well as residential units. The all present feeling is simply extraordinary.

  • An Innovative Tool – Use to advertise and distribute products. Geotags help to locate the product in the real world. Animated Contact Us and other call to action buttons. Wide coverage with apps on Google Play and App Store.
  • In-depth Projection – Magnified visualization through 3D augmented models. Simultaneous adjustment of style and space as the clients roam on the app.
  • Cost-effective – The number of exploratory visits are reduced. No longer are clients required to physically visit the site when settings are chosen and changed through this.
  • Impressive Presentations – Three-dimensional models are fully controlled and maneuvered to show all benefits. Therefore, architects, construction companies and real estate marketing agencies can make great use of it. It is able to present an overall look of the estate or a view of the particular floor/room to customers with a device
The Alluring AR
  • The Commercial Real Estate AR App – Developed by Commercial Real Estate and Macquarie University’s Virtual Reality Lab. It is used to scan commercial properties in the vicinity and immediately access listing information such as available office spaces, amenities and tenancy industries located within the building. Marketing agents can be communicated with directly with them through this app.
  • Realar Places – An Australian developed augmented reality app which allows to place, navigate and virtual walkthrough around the 3D models. A better representation of the construction phase.
  • IKEA Place – Used to virtually decorate the place from the online catalogues. True to scale 3D furniture can be used in the space.
  • AR Cloud – Now, no need for open houses or prep time as AR enables self-guided tours. AR cloud capabilities a point cloud for the project. The clients take tours of the house through this at their convenience and customize it to their desires.

AR-related content can easily be shared on social media handles by the stakeholders. The art of buying and selling has been given a novel projection altogether.

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