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If one speaks about where the world is heading then certainly the digital playing field comes into action. With the technological revolution that has taken place in the recent decade, it is not possible to stay at bay any longer. If progress needs to be measured then it can be truly done so on the ground of the level of advancement in this direction.

The Enhanced 3D Experience

Three dimensional (3D) effect is one of the key components of computer technology. It has created inroads in the vital sectors of the economy and accelerated the growth prospects. There are innumerable benefits that this has brought and being a lifelike prototype of the actual always tops the list.

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Unlocking Virtual Vistas

With a competitive global market, it is imperative for all the companies and ventures to adopt the latest trends to rise and secure stability while broadening their virtual spheres of functionality. Real Estate industry has also jumped on board this bandwagon which is contagious and has skyrocketed the presentation, projection and promotion of the products as well as projects.

Indeed, the real estate corporations have found the 3D technology to be extremely beneficial with amazing outcomes. Virtual tours, space transition, customized approach and creation of unique models were never simpler which has resulted in taking into account the minutest details without any major hassle.

A Bird's Eyeview

What exactly is a 3D floor plan? In real estate terms, it is a virtual projection of the entire blueprint which would otherwise be showcased as a miniature model of the actual. 3D would give it a more holographic dimension for detailed visualization.

A 3D house design includes the exterior as well as the interior. Particularly the outlined structure which comprises walls, floors, windows and doorways. The only constructive angle that is not present in the ceiling as to provide an open layout – in short, a bird’s eye view.

This is very similar to home staging or styling virtually and also ofttimes encompasses the aesthetics and suggestive decor for the clients to provide clarity to their perceptions.

3D floor plans play a major role in exemplifying the structural contours and curvatures. This enhancement leads to more effective results as the clients are able to comprehend the final floor layouts and changes made accordingly.

architecture virtual reality services | Pixarch
How are 3D Virtual Plans Formed

3D rendering software forms the basis of such virtual floor plans. Through the complex lighting, positioning and angular frames this is accomplished. The structures are modelled on these life-like lines for the full effect of realism.

Advanced use of technology with the use of WebGL allows for the required 3D experiences within the software settings. Room Sketcher also creates spectacular multidimensional spaces which gives a better insight into design and decor.

Space rotation is achieved easily through this wondrous technology. Each and every angle is viewed for complete satisfaction and shifts if required. The space sizes and settings are made more visible which aids in taking the right decisions. As aptly put, the right angle for the right fit.

High-resolution output on JPG, PNG and PDF is generation is possible for print and web. This provides the portfolio model and is used as part of the marketing process.

The Cutting Edge Technology

For the realtors, 3D provides them with an interactive model which gives them an edge in marketing with their clients. From appearance to arrangement, it is an all-inclusive illusion. Certainly an unparalleled virtual viewing prototype!

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