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Now, when even the youngest are operating the screens with their fingers we know that touch screen has taken over the globe with its amazing quality of reachability.

Touch to Feel

Touch screen technology has become quite dominant and prevalent in recent years. All the latest devices and machinery are operated by simply pressing the screens irrespective of the size. This has completely redefined functionality and the familiarization with it. The sensitivity of the touch defines it all which unlocks unlimited portals of pleasure and work.

This has replaced the hassle and hang-up of moving the buttons to achieve the tasks. No longer is energy exerted in physical movement. The ease and efficiency of touch panels have engineered an exquisite outlook altogether. It’s all in the dexterity of the fingers and the feel us fabulous.

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Feel Direct Contact

This advanced touch screen is the direct manipulation or in other words a gesture-based technology. It is the ability to variate the digital portals inside a screen. An extremely user-friendly way of moving the finger or hand over the device’s screen to perform various functions.

Touch screen technology is widely used in computers, interactive machines, androids, tablets and laptops. It has by far replaced the usage of mouse and keyboard.

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Different Faces of Touch screen

Touch screen technology primarily comprises sensors which are sensitive to touch. The four main touch screen technologies: resistive, capacitive, surface acoustical wave (SAW) and infrared (IR).

Display to Deliver

This highly interactive technology has taken real estate by storm too. Effective window displays and super sales are possible through these sensors.

Window Agent – a web-based real estate software application allows for a personal appeal of logos, listings, colors and brand messages. These pages offer a variety of pages which are linked to the client’s application to display the brand and business outlook. In this way, the realtors and the clients have a 24/7 access to the listing from anywhere.

Kiosks – The perfect solution for project and property. These kiosks are custom made and easily displayed in the storefront window, office lobby, mall, airport and other commercial hubs. It leads to an effective marketing strategy as the prospective clients enter the product world to view the structure, space and settings. The entire package includes kiosk display, PC, real estate software, MLS integration, configuration and installation.

Signage – This is an important feature used as an effective marketing strategy. Promotions and advertisements are displayed on this digitally enhanced signage. It provides an enriched insight into the products and maneuvered for a user-friendly effect. Virtual shelves reduce the hassle and real estate promotional requirements.

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Present to Project

Stimulating software’s allow for a presentation interface. These are present in the form of boards and even walls. Interactive touch screen presentations are perfectly aligned by using touchscreen technology.

Each and every space with its sensual details are magnified for smart maneuvering. An entire virtual tour is possible by caressing the screen with your fingers or hand. Detailed presentations are framed with the high tech hardware and software which are ultimately projected on this touch-sensitive technology for a larger than life effect.

Real Estate industry uses this inspirational interface intelligently and increases interaction with its clients on different liaison levels.

What more than to have a digitally enhanced portal at the beck and call to make instant decisions about the lifestyle that both sides are seeking and selling.

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